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Here at Perma Child Safety, we understand the value of protecting your child or pet from potentially hazardous areas in your home and garden. There is no possible way you can ever predict what is going to happen throughout your daily life, so safeguarding your home is the wisest way of securing the ones you dearly love. Peace of mind for safety is priceless.

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5 Ways to Teach Your Children Safety in School

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See the world through a child’s eyes and learn about the most common safety haazrds of the home with the Perma Child Safety Virtual Home

Child Safety at Home

Preventable accidents occur in the home on a regular basis. Burns, falls, and chemical intake are just a few examples of the leading causes of home-related injuries that happen. It is possible to avoid these occurrences by taking the proper safety precautions with reliable child safety products. Each year, on average 62 children, under the age of 14, experience fatalities due to preventable hazards found in the home. Thousands of children obtain non-fatal injuries that happen within the home and they can easily be prevented. Making your home safe with trustworthy babyproofing products could save the life of your family. Our baby safety products are a sure way of securely protecting your little ones from spaces that could be dangerous in your home or garden.

From infants to pets, safety is the main goal so that you may have the assurance you need when it comes to childproofing your home. In regard to protecting your little ones, every detail becomes vital. We do our best to keep every area of your home safe for small hands and feet to roam without hesitation. Our line of locks and latches firmly hold drawers and cabinets closed with certainty. Every fence, gate, and barrier stands sturdy and provides reassured child safety at home. All of our childproofing products are built in compliance with the proper, up-to-date safety standards for safety regulations in your home. The majority of our child safety barriers are manufactured to accommodate correlating extensions and the same-model of baby safety barriers. With this feature you are sure to create a shield for any length or width of space, giving you the peace of mind you need.  All of our child safety fences and playpens are specifically designed for infants 6 – 24 months and also for animals as large as medium-sized dogs of up to 40 pounds.

Perma Child Safety values the importance of protecting the little ones you love. Our child safety gates and barriers are constructed of the highest-quality materials that will last you for years to come. At Perma Child Safety, our primary aim is to provide affordable childcare products with the latest technology in safety.


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