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Baby Gates Buyer’s Guide

Preventable fatal accidents happen all too often in the home. Here at Perma Child Safety, we aim to find the finest solutions for preventable mishaps around the staircase, open areas, fireplaces and any other potentially hazardous area and bring the security you need for your family. Protecting your family is of vital importance and the home is where all should be safe and secure. There is no reason to cut corners or skimp on quality when it comes to the priceless act of protection, therefore be sure you will be owning one of the best quality safety fences with our baby safety gates and barriers. Perma Child Safety Gates for babies and pets stand up to the latest home safety tests and will guard the lives of your precious loved ones with integrity.

How to Choose a Baby Gate

room divider installedThere are so many variables that take part in the process of choosing the right baby safety gate for every area of your home. This can be confusing or overwhelming. This section shares helpful tips on what to look for, what questions to ask and much more when it comes to babyproofing your home. Each style has varied strengths in regards to the location it is installed in, convenience for passing through and the manner in which the child safety gate is mounted to the wall or railing post. Therefore, the time taken to assess an ideal fit for your space is well worth the energy. The peace of mind you and your family will have with Perma Child Safety gates and barriers are sure to eliminate massive amounts of unnecessary stress from your daily life.

Key Features To Review When Choosing a Baby Gate

This is one of the most important steps in the whole process of childproofing your home. So, take every step with the care and time needed. Each specificity is vitally needed. In the end, it is better to take time than a life.

Where Is The Gate Going To Be Installed?

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  • Stairs make great candidates for baby safety gates containing hardware mounts along with the auto close safety feature.
  • Kitchens require more movement, so the easy-open featured child safety gates, extra wide baby safety barriers, and the auto close and safety step features are the best options for this area.
  • The backdoor may possibly require a hardware mounted extra tall baby safety gate to prevent your pet from jumping over the barrier.
  • The porch steps are an important area to secure. By installing the outdoor retractable gate your child’s and pet’s safety will be secured for years to come.
  • Around the fireplace is an important area to protect babies and pets from. The Fire Barrier is the ideal protection for your precious little ones.
  • To safely contain your child or pet while working in the garden or doing some cleaning around your home, the pop-up fabric playpen and the playpen barrier are the perfect fit for this style of activity.

Width and Location Of Your Space

  • Be sure to take measurements of every area needing a baby safety gate before you shop. Know the length and width well for every opening needing a protective safety gate for the highest certainty in security for your children and pets alike.
  • Focus on the wide and tall openings to be sure every inch will be covered by an extra wide or extra tall baby gate. Extensions may be added if the measurements do not align with available extra tall baby gates.
  • The Superior Extra Tall, Extra Wide swing gate is an excellent choice for the larger areas of your home. It fits spaces measuring 32.3” tall x 55.9” wide. It contains hardware mounts, safety step technology, and easy one-hand operation for opening and locking the gate.
  • Another option for the unusually sized areas the Extra Wide, Extra Tall Safe Step Gate. This extra wide and tall baby safety gate fills spaces measuring 28” tall x 45.6” wide. Being a pressure mounted gate, there is no requirement for drilling. Other features for this extra wide baby gate are the easy one-hand operation with dual locking.
  • The sum of the range of space you wish to cover has no limit with the extra wide baby gate extensions. These baby safety gate extensions are available in sizes of 4” wide up to 39.3” wide giving you the peace of mind you need when it comes to the security of your cherished little ones.

Pet-Friendly – Baby Gates For Dogs and Cats

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  • All of the baby safety gates are suitable for children within the age range of 6-24 months, all cats, and they are specifically designed for dogs of up to 40 pounds.
  • Auto close gates, like the black ultimate safety gate, are good for when pets are around. This style of baby and pet gate locks tightly behind you for consistent safety for your pet and child. The easy one-hand operation, safety step technology, and auto close feature of this automatic closing baby gate truly makes this the ultimate baby pet gate.


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Are you frequently moving or needing to temporarily secure your home for children or pets? Renting? Removable baby safety gates are the best option for you. Pressure mounted safety gates install easily and will leave walls and stair posts unmarked.

There may also be times you are needing to be mobile even in your home. The rubber and adhesive pressure mount stoppers create an easy solution to cleanly childproofing your home with integrity that brings you peace.

Safety Gate Types

Swing / Walkthrough Gates

Two styles of baby safety gates that work well for one-handed operation are the walkthrough and swing gates. These baby gates with swinging doors are constructed of sturdy steel and are built in compliance with all up-to-date home safety regulations. Swinging baby gates are hardware mounted and contain a locking indicator. Since it is capable of opening in both directions the swing baby gate for stairs provides versatility for your unpredictable lifestyle. The safe step technology of the swing open baby gate reduces trip hazards and increases reliability for the security of your family.

The walkthrough baby gate has a few different features and also securely holds up to dogs from passing through the areas they are meant to be protected from. Being pressure mounted, the walkthru baby safety gates will leave walls blemish free. Walkthrough dog gates are most effective for renting, as well as, frequent changes of secured locations. The two-way opening offers greater mobility and the auto close feature of the hinged baby gate brings peace of mind for the safety of your precious pets and children.

Retractable Gates

Retractable baby gates are suitable for outdoor use and conveniently retract for easy passing through the gate. The expandable baby gate is one hand operable for convenience in your daily life. Made of strong plastic and tough mesh material this type of accordion baby gate stands up to the task of protecting your infants and pets with integrity. This retractable baby gate for stairs will last through all weather conditions and stay secure while protecting the ones you love.

Baby Gates For Stairs

Stairways are a major part of everyday life. Despite their simplicity, they are also potentially dangerous as they are within the top leading causes of death next to motor vehicle accidents. There are reports every year of over one million people becoming injured from falling down the stairs. On average 12,000 people, a year die from stairwell related accidents. As you can see, this is a serious issue to consider and remedy in whatever way possible.

Protecting both ends of your stairs with a baby gate for stairs is of vital importance since injuries may happen coming from any direction of the staircase. Gates for stairs are operable by one hand and latch securely giving you peace of mind you deserve in regards to your family’s safety. One model of stair gates has a built-in lock indicator. Other stairway baby gates are designed with an auto close feature. This is not only helpful for convenience but these baby stair gate latches also bring reliability to the way you protect the pets and children in your home.

Pressure Baby Gates

Pressure baby gates are best for temporary use such as renting, family visits, or frequent moving. The adhesive or rubber ends of the extra wide pressure mounted gates will keep your walls and railing posts free from blemishes, scratches, and extra holes. A couple of negative points about installing a pressure mounted wide baby gate are that you could be keeping your child from learning how to protect themselves experientially and they could feel trapped behind bars. Positive points about owning a tension baby gate include protecting your beloved children and pets from potentially dangerous areas, keeping loved ones from fatally falling down the stairway, and giving you peace of mind for your family’s safety. There is no possible way you can ever replace a loved one if they are lost in an accident. Therefore, adding a pressure mounted gate to your home becomes one of the most priceless and easily the least regretted items in your home.

Hardware Mounted Baby Gates

A permanent baby gate is mounted on the wall and stands with integrity for years to come, or as long as you are needing it to last. Angle mounted baby gates contain safety step features, one-handed opening and closing capabilities, and two-way swing control. Also, baby gate wall protectors are constructed of robust steel and strong plastic hinges that will provide the safest environment for your family. Some models of the mounted baby gate contain a lock indicator so it is clear to users of all ages to recognize the state of the hardware mount baby gate when it is intended to be in the most secure position. The long-lasting installation of the baby gates that screw into the wall takes away the hassle of putting a gate into place whenever it is needed. It is more important for you to focus your attention on what truly matters instead of checking the sturdiness of your baby gate banister mount. The main con to owning a wall mounted baby gate is that it takes extra time and energy to uninstall and reinstall if there is any reason the gate is needing to be moved or replaced. This could also become an issue for areas needing a constant flow of large objects being moved in and/or out. These are not ideal safety gates for locations of possible emergencies.

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