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What To Do If Your Child Swallows A Coin

1 Possible Swallowed Items and Potential Effects2 Signs and Symptoms3 Possible Treatments4 Baby Safety Gates Prevent Your Child from Swallowing Coins5 Conclusion Life is filled with exploration! This is especially true for your little one. A healthy imagination, well-developed tactile and motor skills, as well as a stronger sense of direction grows in a child…


Best Baby Gates For Stairs

1 Our Best Rated Baby Gates For Stairs in 20191.1 Type #1 Stairs1.2 Type #2 Stairs2 Do You Put Baby Gates at the Top and Bottom of Stairs?3 Best Baby Gates for Top of Stairs4 Are Pressure-Mounted Baby Gates Safe for Top of Stairs?4.1 Type #1 Stairs4.2 Superior Swing Baby Gate4.3 Type #2 Stairs4.4 Extra…


Kids’ Backyard Safety Tips

1 Examine Your Backyard1.0.1 Sometimes yard hazards can come from nature.1.1 Backyard Safety Checklist2 Teach Kids Safety Tips2.0.1 The majority of trampoline accidents and injuries occur when multiple people are jumping on the trampoline.2.1 Kids’ Playtime Safety Checklist3 Pools Can Be A Major Hazard3.1 Pool Safety Checklist4 Have A Fence For Babies And Pets5 Grill And Fire Pit…

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Safety Resources and Websites Approved by Perma Child Safety

1 Home and Family Safety Blogs1.1 Safety Mom1.2 Safe Mama1.3 My Precious Kid1.4 About.com2 Family Safety, Health, and Wellness Organizations2.1 Safe Kids Worldwide2.2 National Safety Council2.3 Healthy Child Healthy World2.4 We Make It Safer3 Home Security Industry Blogs3.1 Schneier on Security3.2 Security Info Watch4 Internet Safety Blogs4.1 Internet Safety Blog4.2 iKeepSafe4.3 iLookBothWays5 Crime Watch Resources5.1…

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What is a Child Safety Kit?

Children have grand imaginations and really enjoy to explore the world around them with every chance they can get. If you are not constantly keeping an eye on them their imagination could potentially draw them away from your side in a grocery store, a park, or a shopping mall. The young adventurer may not be…