Baby Barriers

Here at Perma Child Safety, we understand the value of protecting your child or pet from potentially hazardous areas. With so many unplanned things that could potentially take place in everyday life, we understand how crucial safety is for the ones you dearly love. Our baby barrier products are a sure way of securely protecting the children in your home.
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Black Playpen Baby Barrier


Keep your baby safe and secure in the Perma Child Safety™ Black Baby Playpen Barrier.

  • Multi-purpose design can be adjusted to be a child playpen, barrier, and room divider
  • 6 panels including 1 gate
  • Complies with safety standard: EN 12227:2010

NOTE: A safety play mat is required if playpen is used with children. The play mat is available here.

Baby Fences For Indoor & Outdoor Use

Our child fences include a safe step floor bar, all the necessary parts for easy Do-It-Yourself construction, and one-handed opening and closing capability with the option to hold the baby fence open. Our baby fences are constructed of robust steel bars with a powder coated finish and plastic hinges with all required components for wall attachments. Every hinge and attachment is made of the strongest nylon plastic which will confidently hold the baby fence in its proper position for reassured child safety in your home and garden. The gate of the child barrier contains safety step bottom bar which is almost completely flush with the floor for hazard-free walking. The baby fences are compatible with extensions that match up to either end of the safety fence, the extensions are available in multiple sizes. With these attributes, you are sure to safeguard any length or opening width of space giving you complete control of your home. All of our children fences are specifically designed for infants 6 - 24 months and also serve as a pet barrier for animals as large as medium-sized dogs of up to 40 pounds. Each baby fence is built in compliance with the proper, up-to-date safety standards for childproofing your home and garden.

At Perma Child Safety, our primary aim is to provide affordable childcare products with the latest technology in safety. Our baby safety fences are constructed of the highest-quality materials that will last you for years to come. Choose a baby barrier that will last! From infants to pets, safety is the main goal so that you may have the assurance you need when it comes to childproofing your home. We value the importance of protecting the little ones you love, so get a quality infant fence from us today!